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36 South are a leader in volatility and tail risk management, with a 16 year track record. We specialise in finding great value options that provide cheap convexity and positive asymmetry. The ability to find these options comes from the experience and expertise of our Investment Management Committee, which has 95+ years of combined experience in both options trading and market making.  


36 South have expertise in investing in pan-asset class, global, long dated options. We specialise in finding positions which can provide portfolio benefits including convexity, diversification and yield, allowing us to prioritise a particular objective, for example tail risk protection or positive carry.

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July 2017: Richard 'Jerry' Haworth - All roads lead to Rome

by Richard 'Jerry' Haworth -

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May 2018: Richard 'Jerry' Haworth - Stability begets instability

by Richard 'Jerry' Haworth -

Minsky was an economist made famous for his financial instability hypothesis.

Basically he proposed that stability begets instability and vice versa and gave cogent reasons why this is so.

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Please note that many of the articles are written and published by parties unrelated to 36 South, therefore 36 South cannot guarantee the information contained in them is correct and takes no responsibility for the accuracy of them. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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'36 South's Rich Haworth: What a Difference a Day Makes '

Article in Article in EQDerivatives -

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” —Jean de la Fontaine

Several major events that transpired in 2016 are being discounted as insignificant.

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Combining volatility with macro views on a global basis is a strategy that can help a portfolio achieve a stable alpha stream while its excellent correlation footprint helps preserve capital. Our portfolios invest in long dated, mis-valued out of the money options on commodities, equities, interest rates and currencies.

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